Use Your Knowledge of Tax Changes To Secure Leased Land by Michael Wheatley FCCA CPA & Ciaran McCabe FCCA

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by Michael Wheatley, FCCA CPA & Ciaran McCabe FCCA, Monaghan Branch Office

The lack of availability of land, other than on conacre, has stifled many dairy farm growth plans. Recent significant tax changes have made leasing land for 5 years and over more attractive for landowners. Knowledge of these changes may help you convince your neighbouring landowners of the attractiveness of leasing their land to …

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Teagasc Get Financially Fit 2015

2015 will be a challenging year for farming, with opportunity comes risk, a good plan for your farm finances helps reduce risk and maximise opportunity. Don’t miss your opportunity, to hear some of Ireland’s leading experts discuss the best ways to plan for 2015 and beyond. “Get Financially Fit 2015” is the only place you will find the information you need for the year ahead.

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