Important Farm Seminars

Budget 2015 by Declan McEvoy C.T.A. T.E.P.

Declan McEvoy,
Head of Tax,
IFAC National Tax Department

Budget 2015 Incorporated a significant amount of the recommendations in the Agri-Tax Review.

The proposed changes will encourage succession/land mobility in that its new incentivises the Early Transfer of land or the Use of Land by active farmers.

An active farmer is defined in the Revenue Budget Summary as a person who spends not less than …

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Planning For Future Dairy Expansion

By Stuart Crowley, Mallow IFAC Branch Manager

As a qualified Accountant in one of the most intensive dairy regions in Ireland, I have experienced planning for dairy expansion both for those currently in expansion phase and those reviewing their options.

The main reason for expansion is for increased profits. Considerations requiring to be assessed before deciding to expand includes cash-flow implications, funding the expansion, resource …

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