We monitor your income as part of our Mobile Book-keeping Service to ensure increasing profits are identified early

By identifying increasing profits early, we can work with you to provide Tax Planning solutions which achieve lower tax liabilities and save you money

IFAC has been compiling accounting data since 1975. We now have a massive statistical database which allows us to compare our client profit margins and expenditures levels against their industry peer group.

We provide accounting and taxation services to 14,000 clients annually.

Farming Sectors:

If you are a dairy farmer with 50 cows or a dairy farmer with 300 cows we have a peer group of a size appropriate for statistical review to compare your results against. This allows you to see where you might be able to make savings in expenditures or increase income when compared with the top 10% operating at a comparative level within your specific industry sector.

This example holds true for each of the sectors within the farm industry, dairy, tillage, suckling, sheep, pigs and niche sectors.

All information remains confidential and is used for statistical comparison only and without identifying information.

Our clients use this information which we provide in a management accounts or profit monitor format to work with their respective agricultural advisor to drive towards increased profits.