We complete draft accounts 9-10 months into your accounting year and project your likely year-end Profit and Income Tax Liability.

When we project your Profit and Income Tax Liability, we work with you to find solutions to minimise your Income Tax Liability, make sure your cash flow is protected and make sure you don’t get a nasty surprise in October!

  • Mobile book-keeper service is in place
  • You have received at least three visits from the mobile book-keeper during your accounting year
  • All necessary information has been provided to the mobile book-keeper
  • A stock record has been provided
  • At least two months before your accounting year end, our mobile book-keeper will send the recorded information to the local IFAC Branch for processing
  • Branch team kick into action
  • Your accounts are drafted up to the date of your last mobile book-keeper visit
  • Income and expenditure for the remainder of your accounting year is projected, based on your prior year accounts and your assumptions for further income and expenditure prior to the accounting year end
  • Draft Income Tax computation is prepared
  • Branch team review the accounts and Income Tax computation
  • Our accountants meet with you for our Tax Planning Review meeting
  • Our team provide a recommended action plan to be undertaken by you prior to your year end
  • Substantial reductions in Tax Liability are possible if the action plan is implemented
  • A written copy of the action plan is provided for you
  • You have saved tax and improved your cash flow