We help you complete your application for finance successfully and we help you negotiate with your bank to get the best interest rate possible, we can even go to meet the bank manager with you, ensuring he / she understands your case, why you want the money and how you will repay it

With our help, you will obtain the finance you need to grow your business at the best interest rate achievable in the marketplace, your repayments will be timed in line with your cash-flow, all of which means sound financial planning and less stress for you

Our Branch teams have invaluable knowledge in the loan application and bank negotiation process.

In addition we have access to a panel of banking experts who assist our Branch teams on an on-going basis.

As part of our drive to ensure our clients derive the best deals possible from their bank, we have developed a step by step process to help ensure you obtain the right level of borrowing and interest rates for your business:

The Steps are as follows:

  • Briefing meeting with your IFAC accountant
  • How much do you want to borrow
  • What is the purpose of the loan
  • What is your preferred repayment term
  • We review your most recent completed financial statements
  • We review your current year to date financial statements (mobile book-keeper service ensures this review is possible by keeping your accounts up to date throughout the year)
  • We assess the level of borrowings held by you
  • We review the existing level of repayments
  • We review frequency of repayment and timing thereof
  • We assess your requirement for living expenses
  • We assess the remaining free cash flow
  • We calculate the level of borrowings which could be sustained by your remaining free cash-flow
  • We review the potential for restructuring existing borrowings if required
  • We prepare detailed cash flow projections for a minimum of 5 years, incorporating a number of scenarios including restructure of all relevant borrowings
  • Follow briefing meeting incorporating all of the above
  • We put your case forward to lending institutions in the most professional light possible
  • We obtain quotations on interest rates
  • We meet with the lending institutions with you to achieve the best possible deal