IFAC Accountants is in business since 1975, we have used our collective experience gained over those years to streamline our process for delivery of high quality efficient services in everything we do for our clients. Tax calculation of liability is of key importance to your financial health. If your calculation is incorrect, you will be at a financial loss.

We combine the best tax calculation software available with experienced and knowledgeable staff to ensure our calculations are correct.

In addition we provide the following:

We provide access to on site book-keepers who can record your data and make sure you know the information you require to have complete records for all your expenses

We provide a detailed listing of all tax relevant expenses and deduction items and tax credits

We provide access to your accountant when you need them by telephone, email or meeting

We offer a full tax review meeting with your accountant to review and finalise your Tax Return prior to filing with the Inspector of Taxes

We increase your tax knowledge as part of our client Tax Review meeting, detailing how your liability is calculated and what you can do to reduce it

We provide the best and most suitable tax solutions for you, taking account of your cash flow requirements and your future plans

We complete your Tax Return Form 11 and send to the Inspector of Taxes on your behalf

We complete the payment of your Tax Liability electronically to ensure you avail of extended payment deadlines

We calculate your Preliminary Tax based on your current year records making sure you pay the correct amount, most accountants calculate this figure on historic records and often they overstate the liability as a result

We remind you when your payment and Tax Return is due

Pre Year End Review meeting – before your accounts year ends, we review your tax position and advise you on ways to reduce your tax liability before it’s too late